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About Aowajoy

Who am I? What am I?


The name that suits me now is Aowajoy, previously known as Joy Ligteringen. You can call me Joy. ​


I am now 71 years old, feel ageless, and plan to stay on this beautiful planet for some time. ​


I spent a large part of my life searching, even though I didn't know what I was looking for. That search has taken me to many places and many people and an endless series of wonderful and less wonderful experiences. ​


For many years I tried to fit into life because I thought that might me feel happy, it was like trying to fit into a matchbox, which led to two burnouts. I have been married twice, divorced twice, and have three beautiful children. I have gathered endless information in studies, and books, taking course after course with earthly teachers and non-earthly ones. Until I discovered that real knowingness, the purest guide, could not be found outside me but within myself. From that moment on, life became magical and I found my inner knowingness and peace.

Beginning in 2007, I started writing because I was reminded that I had agreed to report on this lifetime during this time of unprecedented transformation on Earth.


The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes is the result of this. I will continue to report in some way.


In The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes, I share information, knowledge, my knowingness, and insights embedded in the story. It has already inspired and reassured many.


I write as lightly as possible, use humor, and hope it will help others when life is all question marks and/or challenges or a hopeless gray area. ​

I hope to inspire and inform you and, if needed, offer reassurance and hope.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



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