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'The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes'

wants to go out into the world! ​


Life becomes coherent and meaningful when you delve into its secrets. The story...takes you to those secrets. You can pre-order it now, helping to cover the costs.

What is The Story of Thousand Lifetimes about?

In The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes, I take you on a journey searching for the meaning of life. While searching I find answers to questions that every person asks themselves at some point, life questions in other words, such as where do I come from, is there life after death, why do I keep running into the same problems, and more. ​


On this journey I also end up in the world of metaphysics and a few of the most essential questions of life are answered such as: what is consciousness? Where is it? What is the soul and where is it? And does God exist? And if so, where? ​


Not a self-help book but a book based on experience, that reads like a novel, sometimes moving, then exciting, sometimes funny, sometimes so recognizable, and always light in tone.

The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes
into the world

The expected publication date of the Dutch edition is September 9, 2024

English edition: end of 2024

Who is Aowajoy

A woman who started writing at the age of 54 because she remembered that she had agreed to do so before she started this life. ​


What had she agreed?

To report on her changing life in a changing world. ​


The result?

The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes.

The complete edition of three previously published volumes together with a new volume.


A light-heartedly written story, a memoir if you like, in which more and more past lives emerge with their experiences and acquired wisdom, and in which almost all life questions are answered automatically.


Life questions such as what is the meaning of life? Where do I come from and where will I go when I die? How do I know I'm doing the right thing? Why do I run into so many obstacles over and over again? Why can't I do what someone else can? And so forth! ​

The expected publication date of the Dutch edition is the 9th of September 2024

The expected publication of the English edition is the

end of 2024

And now, after sixteen years of writing, human, soul, and Spirit have come together, and is Joy a woman who chooses a joyful, loving, and simple life.

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