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Updated: Jan 12

The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes has been written, time to put it out into the world so that it can serve as a way-shower, as a source of inspiration, and to make people laugh at life itself occasionally. 

In a conversation with Sarah and Kuthumi on November 14, Kuthumi told me, among other things, that many people will benefit from reading The Story…. When you hear something like that, it is of course a huge incentive to switch on the turbo mode again and get back to work.


I thought I still had months to write, but within two weeks, on November 30, I had no choice but to conclude that everything that wanted to be written had been written; The Story… itself had put an end to it. After years of writing – 16 to be precise – there was nothing left to add. 

A strange feeling of disorientation came over me, what next? Yes, what next? 

Two days of silence followed, and suddenly, a whole world of possibilities lay at my feet and ideas flew around me. 

Whoa! Stop! 

“Keep it simple Joy!” 

“Oh yes, let me do that.” 

Time to turn The Story… into a book! 

Great idea.

Am I going to do that on my own again, like with the old editions of parts two and three? 


I wrote The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes on my own, although I received a lot of information and clues from other realities, but this time it takes a team to turn it into a beautiful book and publish it! 


This book deserves to have a place on the bookshelf, and when you open it, it makes you feel happy because it looks so beautiful. 

It is also a book that you do not read once, but pick up again and again to read another part of it, and that is why it must be firmly bound. 

The old editions of the three parts received many reactions such as: 'I read it in one sitting,' or, 'I couldn't put it down.' That's, of course, nice to hear, really, let me know, but The Story… can only mean something to you if you pick it up again after a while, for example, if you think that your search for who you truly are will never end, or if you feel completely lost in your own life, or if you think you are the only crazy person in the world, or if you wonder when your realization will finally arrive on your doorstep, or if you discover that there is still a lot to come after your realization. Or…and I could go on and on. 


The Story… has also its right to exist next to all those ascended masters and other way-showers, because it connects your quest with your daily life, with what is happening in the world. It also makes you laugh now and then or puts a smile on your face because it is also a celebration of recognition! 


If you would like to help bring The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes, 1152 to be precise, into the world, you can, and you are more than welcome. On the homepage, you will find a call to complete the TEAM. 

And a CROWDFUNDING campaign will start soon to cover the costs of paying the team members and whatever else is needed. For this, I need someone who has experience with fundraising and/or crowdfunding. 

And AMBASSADORS are needed to help draw attention to The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes

Please share this blog or newsletter! Or draw attention to my website. 



Aowa Joy

©Joy Ligteringen

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