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Love in the Cemetery

Near where I live there is an old cemetery with beautiful old trees, family graves, and lovingly made memorials. I recently walked there with my dog Sara, and slowly became aware of a presence that I did not expect: Love. I felt love everywhere, in the texts on the memorials, in the flowers, and on children's drawings, I was surrounded by it as I walked from one path to another.

When someone dies, the conversation stops, the exchange of glances and words, the attempts to be understood by the other person, to express feelings stop, then there is the residue. Of course, that residue does not only contain love, there is also frustration, sometimes anger, there is sadness for the missed opportunities and loss. But during my walk, I became especially aware of love.

Yesterday I watched the farewell of Alexei Navalny, who was buried in Moscow, and the preceding ceremony in a church. Despite all threats, the turnout was large, the anger and sadness were visible, but love, invisible, was also present.

A few weeks ago I watched 2Doc's documentary about Navalny and was deeply impressed by so much dedication and perseverance. I felt deep sympathy for this man and the opposite for the man who had caused him and his family and so many other Russians so much suffering: Putin. I was also acutely aware that what has transpired between these two forces – and is undoubtedly perpetuated by others – cannot lead to peace. Why not? Because it assumes that one is right and the other is wrong. Duality at its best. 

I stay out of duality as much as possible, so I also stay as far away from political choices as possible, or at least I try. Reality is not created by politics, but by the level of consciousness. Consciousness is what everything revolves around, it gives direction to energy, causing certain possibilities to come to life in this earthly reality. 

Politics is by definition a dead end because it is not aimed at the highest possible outcome for everyone, it is thinking that you know better than someone who thinks differently, which means that peace and harmony cannot arise. Unfreedom par excellence!

What is going on in Russia itself, in the war between Russia and Ukraine, between the Israelis and the Palestinians, is something that can only be solved with consciousness, not human daily awareness but with divine consciousness. Only when people let go of the need to be right and of wanting control, there is room for a greater force (not power!) to pave the way to peace. Within all those trouble spots, this force that does not push but only expands is already invisibly present. It takes place outside our human field of vision, making its way to a world where it is no longer about power but about the best for everyone. That power is Love with a capital letter, a Love without focus on a goal or on an object, unconditional Love that remains undisturbed in the hearts of those who have reached this point, and which, even if still reluctantly, becomes more and more visible and spreads, like an oil slick on the sea.

I am hopeful and hope you are (or become) too.

Aowa Joy


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