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Is there more between Heaven and Earth?

All my life I knew that there was more between Heaven and Earth than I could perceive with my five human senses. I didn't talk to anyone about it until one evening.


It is 1974 and I am sitting on the back of the bicycle of my future first husband. We are on our way to the Movies, a cinema in Amsterdam. Halfway through I shouted from the luggage carrier: 'Do you also think there is more between Heaven and Earth?'

‘What do you mean?’ he sounded suspicious.

‘Well, that there is more than just this planet, the visible world.’

‘You mean a God?’

‘Well, God, just more than we can see.’

'Ridiculous! Simply, what you see is what is there. No more.'

‘So you think that when you die, you disappear forever?’

'Yes of course! Faith is for the stupid. I won't be fooled and certainly won't pray to something that doesn't exist. I really hope you're not that stupid to fall for those things because if so, you're out of your mind.'

Now I didn't like being thought stupid, so I kept my mouth shut for twelve years and then I left Number One.


Husband number two was different, very different. He saw angels and even angels who showed him the way by spitting light when he was psychotic again and therefore wandered around. When he reappeared after a while, usually with the help of the police, he was busy with the Bible and announced to everyone that God really existed. Even though he had grown up in a Muslim environment.

‘Joycie,’ he used to say, ‘you have to believe in God again, just like your mom and dad.’

Well, just start believing in command, that's not easy.

He never remained so peaceful for long, so I left him also.


Because my life was quite chaotic and I had great difficulty finding my direction and especially my life purpose, I looked for a way to gain more control over my life and what is better suited for that than oracles? I chose the I Ching and dove deep into it. I understood the language and especially its symbolism quite quickly. I consulted the I Ching for all kinds of things to create a better life for myself with more control over it. I regularly received the answer: great happiness is coming. Over time I concluded that this great happiness had apparently lost its way and started asking a different kind of questions.


There were questions for which the I Ching had no satisfactory answers. Questions like what am I doing here? What's the point of it all? Who am I? In search of answers, I decided to focus on my intuitive development. I signed up for a basic course, regularly received readings from my fellow students, and had an endless hunger for more. Course after course followed, and I went to everyone and everything who saw and heard more than with the five human senses, or at least claimed so, and grew in my conviction that there was indeed so much more, and also that I wanted to experience it all myself without the intervention of mediums, astrologers, tarotists and so on.


At one point I came into contact with ayahuasca and I pitched my tent here for a little too long, as I can now conclude. Altogether I have participated in about a hundred ceremonies and have also guided people myself. I have experienced fantastic things, seen so much that cannot be seen with the human eyes, and received so many insights and healing, incredible. What it also yielded were wonderful stories, which I painstakingly wrote down. 


During this period I also heard The Voice for the first time (more about that in The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes. I'm not going to spoil it now!) Ayahuasca suited me and resonated with my previous lives as a shaman, medicine woman or man.


And then? Then I came into contact with non-earthly beings who were not present in physical form, such as ascended masters, guides, past lives, and ultimately my beloved, and learned to communicate with them.


And then and then so many more, and so many stories. Just be patient and you can dive into The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes and who knows, a whole new world may open up for you. Stay informed by signing up for my newsletter.


January 21, 2024





©-2024-Joy Ligteringen

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