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Are we all in a theater play?

Years ago I suddenly found myself in a theater in a different reality. Of course I reported on it in The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes. After reading the text it hopefully leaves you with the question: are we all in a theater play? And if so why? The Story…will provide you with answers. A small piece of text (without answers):


'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this performance. Tonight we proudly present the piece “Joy and Illusion”.'

‘Damn it,’ I shout. The curtain rises and I see a dressing room with racks full of costumes. The stage seems deserted, but then one by one, balls of white and blue light appear on stage. The balls slowly grow until they almost take on a human shape. They radiate cheerfulness and appear to be dancing. For a moment they remind me of the Fools. One by one the balls float to the racks of costumes. The first ball grabs a costume and squeezes into it. Before me stands myself. There is not much left of the cheerfulness. My face is full of worrying wrinkles.

‘Ah bah,’ I shout, ‘is that necessary now?’

The next cheerful ball floats over to the rack of costumes and puts one on. Bas appears in front of me.

‘Oh no, are we having that again,’ I shout.

‘Silence there,’ a voice responds.

A third cheerful ball picks up a costume and a tall, blonde woman wearing a floor-length, gold-colored dress appears. I don't say anything anymore because there stands the woman who came to see me during the reincarnation session and asked: 'Are you going to get in my way again?' Max appears next, he is wearing a beautiful striped suit with a pink shirt and matching shoes. Within a few minutes, the stage is full of even more people from my life: Rea, Katharina, Sam, Maria, Mahmood, Freek, Maarten, my brothers, my sister, parents, lawyers, insurance agents, doctors, psychiatrist, physiotherapists, neighbors, friends and people I have long forgotten. Once complete, the whole set starts moving. A large group disappears into the shadows of the wings. 

I walk forward. A romantic picture emerges in my transparent head: Max and I grew old together. We look at each other lovingly. Then Maria appears and says: 'You could be twin souls.' 'My heart's desire!' I exclaim. The me in the audience immediately bursts out laughing, while Bas walks forward on stage. The me on stage exclaims as soon as she sees him: 'That can't be the man of my life.' I find it very funny because right through the costumes I see them giving each other a cheerful wink. Bas makes a stubborn face while I on the stage shrivel with sadness. The sadness makes no sense at all and it makes me laugh so terribly that it gives me a cramp in my stomach.

‘Silence in the room!’ a voice booms. Then Max and the tall, blonde woman in the gold-colored dress walk forward. Max kneels and kisses her feet. I almost peed my pants in the meantime. The woman nods briefly at Max and fans herself with a beautiful fan. While Max lies at her feet, she lets her gaze wander into an endless distance and sighs deeply. I am silent for a moment, but soon I have forgotten the whole scene. 

One scene after another appears and one is even more comical than the other. All my too quickly drawn conclusions come to light and I just keep laughing. On stage, the stage self reads a book and shouts: 'Oh, but now I understand,' and then immediately takes a new book from a very large pile next to her and reads it with even greater attention. While the stage self is engrossed in a book, I see her Knowingness leaning back in annoyance. The Knowingness taps its foot restlessly on the ground and looks bored. It then blows against the third eye and then uses a sleeve to clean the window, which immediately fogs up again. Knowingness sighs deeply and sits down again.

I can't stop myself anymore and am rolling on the floor laughing. Every time I try with all my might to stop laughing, I burst out laughing. 

The voice continues to demand silence and eventually threatens with removal from the room. 

Time and again Maria appears and looks at my head while she makes another prediction that I happily accept.

Then Katie Melua starts to sing a duet with Bajeera: "This is the closest thing to crazy as I have ever been," alternating with Bajeera's deep bass voice singing "yeah, yeah," as a rhythmic background.

‘Ow, ow,’ I shout, ‘oh stop it, I can't take it anymore. Illusion, oh my god!’

Then a sign appears on the stage: pause...


Although life is a serious matter, we don't have to take everything so seriously. There is so much more than we see with our human little eyes. And about Knowingness (not knowledge that is mental), I will write about this another time.


February 2024

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