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A good question is as Sherlock Holmes

People are full of questions. Questions that we are aware of and questions that remain in the background and can gnaw at us.


Often, when an urgent question arises, the first impulse is to look outside ourselves for the answer. We ask a so-called authority, search on Google, search through books, and often end up with an unsatisfactory answer, no answer at all, a half solution, or a complete error. In other words, it seems that we have to find the right answers differently.


A piece of text from The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes:

The tinkling of glass brings me back to the Sacred Temple. A new round of ayahuasca. The love of Ginny (my dog) lingers around me and starts to warm me completely, driving away the cold that I always carry with me. I am shown all kinds of everyday things one after the other. Until my thumb presents itself. My thumb? What kind of nonsense is that? My thumb stands life-size in front of my nose, and it has had difficulty bending lately due to a tendon problem. Not only does my thumb seem to have difficulty bending, I also find it difficult to bend myself, for Love with a capital letter. I'm so afraid of dislocating my thumb - which apparently serves as a metaphor for myself - that I prefer to keep it still. The way to my feet is in front of my nose but I see nothing. I keep going around in circles like a goldfish in its bowl, for fear that something I don't like will happen again in my life. My heart is calling, but I'm busy gathering information without seeing that I have everything it takes to recover. Recovering and becoming whole requires love, peace and trust. My heart knows the way, it has its own logic and it follows the flow of love. Because I don't follow, my heart hurts so much and my thumb no longer bends.

What now? I feel like I'm entering unknown territory. An old statement that I once came up with comes to mind: what you don't know, you should ask, if necessary of yourself. Very simple actually. The most obvious question is: what is the first impulse that comes to mind now?


You see how I got lost in my own life, rambling on and on until my heart ached and I couldn't bend my thumb anymore.


Back to asking yourself questions. Identifying the initial impulse when you have a question could be a start, but it could be more rewarding if you took a step back, found the deeper layer of a question, felt its energy, allowed the silence so that you connect with the wisdom of your soul or with Knowingness, or Gnost, and find so much more.

About sixteen years have now passed since I asked myself that question, and since then endless questions have arisen, and I have often fallen into the trap of looking for answers outside of myself.


Another anecdote, this time recent, and one that carries magic.

A few days ago I went to a coffee concert on my bike. When I locked my bike, I immediately knew that I would not be able to open the lock. I shrugged my shoulders, went inside, enjoyed Chopin for over an hour, and afterward discovered that I couldn't open the lock with the best will in the world. I looked around and asked the first strong-looking man if he could open my lock. The man pried and pulled as hard as he could, but he couldn't. I asked number two, who also failed. Okay, what now? I decided to walk home and think of a solution there.

I hadn't even been on the road for five minutes when I walked past a van with the text on the side: Mobile Locksmith. I looked inside, saw a man scrolling on his phone, tapped on the window, and asked if he could open my bike lock. He could, he did, and he didn't even want to get paid for it.


For me, this incident was a wink from my Divinity, my God Self, my I Am That I Am, to let me know that I can rely on her, that she will provide me with everything I need to do what I came to do. I needed this incident because there is a big challenge in front of me, one that my little human self keeps thinking she is responsible for, namely the crowdfunding campaign!

I have now made some progress in preparing for publication and know that quite a bit of money is needed to make a beautiful book of The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes. You will find more on the website page about crowdfunding.


So if you have a question, ask yourself first and do not expect a direct answer, not in the form of a spoken answer, expect clues, coincidences in which you can recognize clues. That is how your wisdom or your Divinity provides you with what you need. And another thing: there may be a period in which you may feel tense and restless, causing you to think that you are doing something wrong and you will still force an answer or solution. That tension is a creative tension, so tolerate it and don't push it away because it makes you nervous. Feeling calm is not always good, sometimes it is too comfortable, too much of an old and worn-out pattern that you are in. Tolerate tension when it arises during a period when you are waiting for an answer or solution!


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