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Updated: May 1


Lately, I had some of those days again where nothing came out of my hands, my brain was having a holiday, and inspiration was not even in my big toe. I know it is normal given what is going on with me, and it has nothing to do with growing older, but to be able to embrace New Life where nothing ever ends because it is infinite. I'm talking about the life of a Magus on Earth. I'll leave that for now.


One of those days on which my brain was having a day off, and nothing came out of my hands, was last Sunday. I looked outside to see if a spark of inspiration would come from there, but nothing happened there either. For some distraction, I opened my laptop to see if Netflix had anything else to offer. “Hack your Health, the Secrets of Your Gut” appeared on the home screen. I wanted to scroll away but I got stuck and before I knew it, I was watching the documentary with fascination in which I was taken to the world of micro-organisms, intestines, vegetables, fruit, fibers, and poop. I looked at the four people who all had problems with their health, food, or weight. I already knew that the intestines are in direct contact with the nervous system, but I did not know that the hormonal balance is also maintained by what happens in the intestines.  


A couple of years ago, Kuthumi started talking about poop in his inimitable way in an online meeting of the Crimson Circle. It was considered hilarious and hardly taken seriously. In the Crimson Circle, there is the idea that you can eat whatever you want. I cannot remember Kuthumi ever saying you can eat whatever you want. And I was the walking example that eating all I wanted doesn't always work out well, but you'd rather not say that out loud.


I always thought I ate more than enough vegetables and fiber. Well no. The documentary on Netflix opened my eyes. Twenty to thirty types of fruit and vegetables should be on my menu every week. I counted and didn't get any further than sixteen, and I even counted the unions.


Kuthumi has not stopped talking about poop and about the importance of healthy food in which fruit and vegetables play a leading role, especially if you want to stay for a while as Magus. He has been working with Lauren Hutton, or Sarah (, for years, and they share lots of information.


By the way, not only food scraps are pooped out, but also accumulated, unprocessed, toxic emotions can be removed in this way. Just read a anecdote from The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes which I’ll share in a minute.


There was also a bright spot in the documentary that made me very happy: if I optimize the microbiome in my gut, I might be able to get rid of my annoying food intolerances. “Start with a tiny amount of food you can't tolerate and increase it slowly,” was the advice. I was in and will therefore have to make some adjustments. Instead of going to the market or store once a week, this means buying fresh fruit and vegetables at least twice a week. It also means cooking every day and not every other day, purchasing a food processor for smoothies, starting fermenting, and, above all, enjoying delicious recipes. Now I have to make sure I don't stop. The smell of fresh croissants, a pleasant meal at a pizzeria, and not having to check every bag to see if it contains unwanted ingredients, will certainly help me to take on this challenge. Maybe I'll even test my poop with a microbiome test, although I find those tests expensive.


I remember years ago, about twelve years I guess, having to shit endlessly sitting on a toilet in an old farmhouse overlooking the Tor near Glastonbury in England. I wrote about it. Here is the promised piece of text:


A colorful fair of figures dances before my eyes while I sit on the toilet on the top floor of an old farmhouse not far from Glastonbury. From the toilet, I can make out the vague outlines of the Tor in the distance. I am in the land of Avalon. With my gaze focused on the Tor, I suddenly find myself in an apartment building with all the fairs of the world stacked on top of each other. I know this. 'Skip that nonsense,' I say, 'I don't feel like it.' I never seem to learn it either, of course, things now step up and I end up in the Tower of Babel, where all the fairs of the world have coincidentally gathered. In the meantime, I keep pooping. 'What have I got? Why am I on the toilet again?'

‘You leave the shit where it belongs,’ says the familiar voice. ‘You haven't forgotten all those past lives that happened in this country, have you?’

'No, certainly not, how could I forget?' and I think of the gallows field in Wales where my eight-year-old son was hung upside down while I had to watch, I think of the Scottish queen I once was and who, together with her husband, was quite violently put to death, I think about a previous life with Max, who was my employer at the time and who did not see me standing either, and I think about the young woman who drowned at sea in 1879 on the way back from Australia to England. And those are just the lives that have shown themselves to me. What do I have with this country? ‘No, I haven't forgotten.’

‘Then just sit there for a while,’ the voice says.


Enjoy your poop!



I discovered a new copyright and started using it.

©-2024. This work is openly licensed via Common Creatives BY-SA 4.0

Image: with the help of my premium Canva account

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