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About The Story...

Life becomes coherent and meaningful when you delve into its secrets

What is 'The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes'?

A memoir but also a report of a search for the meaning of life.

It reads like a novel but contains a lot of information and knowledge and

provides answers to life questions that every person will ask themselves at some

point. The tone is light, the humor is abundant, and yet above all a serious story.


What is it about?

In The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes, I take you on a journey searching for the meaning of life. While searching I find answers to questions that every person asks themselves at some point, life questions in other words.

On this journey, I also end up in the world of metaphysics and one of the most essential questions of life is answered, such as: what is consciousness? Where is it? And does God exist?


How did 'The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes' come about?

On September 12, 2007, I had a kind of vision in which an Indian, who later turned out to be called White Bull, suggested that I start writing about my life. He said: 'write your story then you will understand yourself better and maybe others will benefit from it too.' And so it happened.


How did White Bull come to give me that advice?

For a long time, I had tried to be like other people, as if trying to fit into a matchbox as a human being. That led to two divorces, two burn-outs, and a (one!) car accident. That car accident was my wake-up call and made me step out of my worn-out jacket and follow a different path, a spiritual path full of surprises!

A year later I went to a reincarnation therapist and under hypnosis, I remembered that as part of my life plan, I had agreed to report on this life with a strongly changing world in the background.

Writing became more serious.

And as if by some miracle I was assigned a writing coach as part of a reintegration program.

In 2012, publisher Elikser published the first part with the title: 'The Return of the Healers'.

It was well received. You might read the reviews

A fragment: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this performance. Tonight we proudly present the piece “Joy and the Illusion”.’

‘Oh my god,’ I shout.

The curtain rises and I see a dressing room with racks full of costumes. The stage seems deserted, but then one by one balls of white and blue light appear on the stage. The balls slowly grow until they have almost taken on a human shape. They radiate joy and seem to dance. For a moment they remind me of the Fools. One by one the balls float to the racks with costumes. The first ball grabs a costume and squeezes itself into it. I am standing in front of me. There is not much left of the joy. My face is full of worrying wrinkles.

‘Oh yuck,’ I shout, ‘do I have to do this now?’

Continue reading this blog post.

The writing got me now! In 2015 part 2 was published: Taming the Elephant

A fragment: I watch Goenka with fascination as she addresses us on this first evening of the ten-day Vipassana training via a video. I sit on a meditation cushion at the very back of the large Dhamma hall of the Vipassana center in Belgium and look around me at almost one hundred other people.

Read more in the blog post.


And in 2021 part 3 was published: The Coming of the Dragon.

The Dragon appears because everything that is not pure must be let go before realization can occur.

Love also gets ample space in this part. Read more in the blog post.


For a short period, I thought I was done, but no, a fourth part had to come. Not only that: all four parts had to be combined into one story. What turned out to be irrelevant text due to progressive insight was removed, new insights and knowledge were added until on November 30, 2023, I felt it was done! The Story wanted to go out into the world. But I did need a kick in the butt from Khutumi, an ascended master and someone I knew from a previous life. You can read how that kick worked in this blog post. ​


In the meantime, I knew I had to self-publish this book, and I chose to use the Brave New Books platform, with which I have had good experiences.

Publishing a book costs money. Publishing a well-maintained and beautiful book costs a bit more.'The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes' will be published as a paperback and as an Epub. ​ But... In addition, there will be a hardcover edition that is initially intended for donors and will not be available in bookstores or online webshops.


To make all this possible, I ask for your help as a donor and of course, I offer some rewards in return. There is bound to be something for you, just take a look.

Some motivations of people who participated in the crowdfunding campaign on Voor-de-Kunst;

S + K

You are an amazing writer with gifts to share. Please add this energy exchange to all the love & support we are also throwing your way.


Aowajoy’s life is our life! I like to learn about it as much as possible!🌹

Pure intuition

A donor

I am looking forward to buying the book in English. Blessings.


The world will be a lot more beautiful if this project is realized!

A donor 

I hope your life's work will see the light and inspire others.


Together we can make this world a little more beautiful!

A donor

A story wants to be read


After reading previous works, I am very curious about this book. It must go out into the world and inspire!

A donor

Marvel of mind...

A donor

The story of a thousand lives must be brought into the world at its best! That's why.

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