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The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes is not just a book, it is my life's work and for you!

The Story... is a source of inspiration to a better understanding of your own life. That is why it deserves to have (almost) error-free text and to be beautifully designed, to be translated, starting in English (US), and to be carefully marketed. ​

This requires financial resources. WILL YOU HELP? 


April 15, 2024 update:

The decision has been made! I am going to publish The Story of a Thousand Lifetimes myself. I love to be my own boss, it brings out the best in me.

Tomorrow, I'll make a script, find and engage the right professionals. ACTION!

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Karin Verduin has professionally corrected the manuscript. Costs €1082 ​ Peter van Glabbeek will soon make a video for, among other things, the crowdfunding campaign from material that I will send him.

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign, I want to cover the costs for the correction work, hire professionals, make the video, have the book printed, advertise on social media, and pay for this website. ​

Writers are not finished when the writing work is done, because then a new chapter begins: approaching editors of magazines who want to write a review and/or do an interview. Post about the progress on social media, and share more information about the book, advertise, and a thousand other things.

If you have a contact, please let us know. ​ ​


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